This is a post about someone who has left us, from a point of view of a plain jane fan. He will never get a chance to read this, and I doubt his family would ever see my little corner of the internet. But still I feel like I owe it to him-- a person who has touched the lives of millions...


You're Not One to Tell

"Share if you love God. Keep scrolling if you love Satan."
"1 like = 1 prayer." "1 share = 1 prayer."

I know this is supposed to be a rated G blog, but omg screw that.

Full Circle

The daughter is in another room playing with one of my ILs so I have decided to take this opportunity and write. Oh, to write again. Actually I'm really surprised that my husband who's also a blogger managed to come up with 2 new blog posts recently while he has a job. And here I am, just starting one now.

There's just no time anymore. I can't even remember the last time I published a post and what it was about. My life recently has been full of babyI, and I'm relieved that fate has allowed me to hire a nanny.

And because of the recent turn of events and the unmistakable "signs" that I asked for, I've decided to go back to being a working mom.  A nanny is here, family members are always around, it's 2012--expenses are skyrocketing, and now that babyI's much bigger and much more capable of doing big girl things, there's absolutely no more reason for me not to get back on track. I know everything's gonna be okay.

...But I'm still waiting for that call. They say that it's already in the bag, but I'm never truly, entirely, positively sure that I got the job until I hear from them. So, I'm really praying for this one. My husband needs my help in supporting our little family and he doesn't need to tell me that. I've always tried to find ways to show him that we're in this together, including whatever sideline or racket that I did or could do while I was a SAHM. I hope things will fall into place. I hope it happens before the year ends.


Idea Pie

Today I wanna talk about Pinterest. Since I signed up for it (yes, without an invite and I don't exactly know how I accomplished that), now I never go a day without pinning. I find it really fun and entertaining to look through so many different ideas each day. My interest in home decor, party setups, recipes, fashion, hair and make-up, have definitely upped.

Visit pinterest.com now!

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Comfort Food: Dynamite

Some days I get upset and the only thing I can think of is food. Even at this moment that I'm writing this I'm still thinking about what I should cook later. I wanna go on fridge raid and eat all my sorrows away...